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Chair Yoga 

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The body goes through degenerative changes as we age. These classes are designed to meet the challenges of an older body and those who are recovering from injury or illness, making yoga accessible for everybody. 

Nicky using her 15 years of experience will be teaching the class. She has a kind and gentle nature and understands the physical and mental implications of an aging body or recovering from or managing a long term illness or condition such as cancer, fibromyalgia, osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, cerebral palsy, diabetes, diverticulitis, labyrinthitis. You will be introduce and practice pranayama, breathing techniques to enhance physical and mental activity.

The chair wont just be used just for sitting on! It will also help you for balance and strength is standing poses to improve your flexibility and stamina. Those who can not get up and down from the floor will learn to do so using the chair. 

Upon enquiry you will be asked for a short medical background as some illness or conditions may have to be referred to an Iyengar therapy teacher, details of which will be provided.

In 1965, the Queen of Belgium, following a stroke invited BKS Iyengar to visit and help her regain some control over her body.  at the age of 80 she insisted he teach her Sirsasana (headbalnce). But no, you would have to move into a general class to learn this! 

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