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This is a dynamic and deep tissue massage (focusing on the deeper layers of muscle in the body) and can incorporate MET (Muscle Energy Techniques) to improve performance, mobility, reduce injury or improve injury recovery time. Deep tissue massage uses slower strokes and more intense pressure than Swedish massage and usually focuses on treating the specific muscles that are causing your symptoms by relieving pain and restoring proper movement of a muscle. It is also more beneficial for reducing the build-up of lactic acid.

Scientific American ~ Why does Lactic Acid build up?


How much does a Sports Massage cost?

  • Sports Massage (initial consultation)     1 hour      £55.00

  • Sports Massage (after consultation)      3/4 hour   £45.00

  • Sports Massage (after consultation)      1/2 hour   £35.00


How can I book a Sports Massage?

Please contact us at and we can discuss your treatment and arrange a suitable time and date to book your massage.


You can also contact us with any questions to discuss the treatments further.

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Physiotherapy at Worcester Wellness Centre

Sports Massage Therapy

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