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Yvonne Morey

  • Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

  • Post Qualification Diploma in Counselling children & young people 2010

  • Diploma in Counselling  2006

  • Certificate in Counselling 2003

  • Yoga alliance member

  • TTC hatha yoga (universal yoga)

  • Teen yoga TTC 

  • Teen yoga delivery training program

  • Yoga for child and adolescent mental health


Areas of specialism

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Working with Trauma (adults and children)

  • Counselling couples

  • Relaxation techniques (adults and children)

  • Yoga and child mental health

  • Child and adolescent counselling

  • Yoga for teenagers

  • Yoga nidra

  • autism and adhd (children and adults)


Yvonne has been a passionate advocate for treating people holistically and her professional career reflects this with a dual focus on yoga and counselling. She has a successful, professional counselling career as well as being an experienced yoga teacher. These two areas of expertise combine well, particularly for her work with schools.


Yvonne has set up and delivered yoga and wellbeing training in schools for teachers and students; delivering ‘Teen Yoga’ teacher training programs in the UK and internationally. Yvonne advises schools and local authorities on developing wellbeing plans. She has specific training to work with children and adults with autism and ADHD and she also uses a therapeutic application of yoga for children and adolescents with mental health issues.


Yvonnes counselling journey started in 2003 originally training in person centred therapy and beginning her placement with vulnerable young people and young parents. Following on from qualifying Yvonne began working for various community organisations.



Yvonne Morey at Worcester Wellness Centre

As part of her role as a counsellor at a youth project she set up a counselling service in local schools which is still in existence today. Yvonne completed her post qualification diploma in counselling children and young people as well as other trainings in Gestalt, working with trauma, autism, CBT and creative therapies and working with couples with autism. During this time Yvonne also worked therapeutically with adults, couples and families. 

Yvonne is a passionate and committed Yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Her interest began at an early age following periods of joint pain and weakness, which she has successfully reversed through her yoga practice. Her yoga practice supported her through many turbulent periods of life and she recognised the value of yoga as a therapeutic tool and wanted to share this with others studying and incorporating more body based interventions with counselling clients. Yvonne has worked closely with Charlotta Martinus of and is committed to bringing yoga into mainstream education. 


Yvonne also continues teaching adult classes and workshops which are a culmination of her years of dedicated practice and commitment to her students.  Her integrity and light-heartedness are always at the forefront of her teaching making her classes fun and approachable.

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