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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a self-practice designed to help us cope with a busy demanding life. It  can be used for the management of prolonged stress and pain or just dealing with busy lives in a calm manner. This skill can help you become more resilient, make better life decisions or used as a tool to manage your problem areas.


By achieving the state of mindfulness you can focus your attention on the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging your thoughts or areas of concern. This allows you to tune in, reflect in a safe environment and address your issues.

“Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings and to the world around you, can improve your mental wellbeing”

Is Midfulness a new fad?


It has become more widely reported over recent years but it evolved

from ancient practices of self-awareness and meditation often associated with Eastern traditions:


Many recent claims have been made regarding the power of mindfulness and it is fast becoming the choice of the rich and famous. Research is growing that greater control over the mind can extend life expectancy although this research is not quite there yet. We live in hope!

The Mindfulness Experience @ Worcester Wellness

At Worcester Wellness you can undertake 'The Mindfulness Experience' that offers an 8 week course-based opportunity to learn more about the origins of Mindfulness, the physical body and the World around us. You will experience guided meditations to help familiarise yourself with this practice giving you the skills to continue at your leisure and harness the benefits for years to come.


Does Mindfulness work?

A previous client who was recommended to the Mindfulness Experience at Worcester Wellness summed up the benefits of Mindfulness. He said “My life was spiralling out of control and it felt like it didn’t matter what I did nothing went the way I wanted it. Mindfulness has been my saviour. I now feel more in control and have the skills to deal with whatever life throws at me. It is easy to do and fits in with my busy work and family life. I can definitely say I am much happier, thank you Nicky, without you I could never have done this”.


How much does a Mindfulness course cost?

  • £96.00 for an 8 week course

  • Bespoke private sessions are also available

How to book The Mindfulness Experience @ Worcester Wellness


Please contact us at and we can discuss a suitable time and date to book your Mindfulness Experience.


Alternatively if you have any questions or would like further advice then please get in touch.

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Practicing Mindfulness at Worcester Wellness Centre
Mindfulness Practice at Worcester Wellness Centre
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